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It’s true. Even with the huge choice of computer games, TV programmes, films and other gadgetry, millions of people all over the world, of all ages, still want to spend at least some of their spare time with their head in a good book. I know, I’m one of them.

But the problem for many adults is what to advise when the cry of “Mum/Miss, I’m bored, I’ve read everything, I don’t know what to read” is heard. After all, it is impossible for even the most dedicated of parents, teachers or even booksellers to keep up with all of the new titles – and most adults would prefer to spend their precious reading time on something they would choose for themselves rather than their child.

And that’s where KidsReadBooks comes in – we read the books so you don’t have to! Over the next few months, the website will fill up with reviews of new, upcoming books as well as some old favourites. To begin with, they will mostly be written by me, but I hope that children will also be inspired to comment and even submit their own (anonymous) reviews as time goes on.

This website is for you and for your child – please use it, and let me know what you think!

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Welcome to KidsReadBooks!

Hi everyone, and thanks for visiting KidsReadBooks!

This site is for everyone interested in children’s books – teachers, parents, booksellers and – most importantly – kids themselves.

I will be updating this site on a regular basis with reviews of books I have read, and I really hope that you will send in your own reviews for publication too.

More soon…

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