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Book review: Into That Forest

on October 4, 2013

Into That Forest

Author: Louis Nowra

Price: £6.99

Publisher: Egmont

ISBN: 978-1405267175


KRB rating: 7/10

Recommended age: 12+

Reviewer: Aimee Paige


 “The more I looked in its eyes, the more I seen kindness , and I knew it were saying to us, come , I’ll take you home…” 


This is the story of two friends, Hannah and Becky, who end up lost in a forest and are taken in by two tigers who look after them. Soon they begin to act, eat and communicate like the tigers, and forget all about their old lives.  But then after four years they are found, and they couldn’t be more angry and upset. They now face the hardest challenge yet: becoming human again. 


I enjoyed reading this book as it’s like nothing I have read before. I think others who enjoy books about, nature, survival, friendship and trust or are just looking for something new to read will also like it. However, I also think some people may be a bit annoyed at some parts of the novel as it is told by Hannah, whose speech is not great as she had to  learn to speak again, although I think this did add a more of an atmosphere to the book as it makes it more believable.Ii wouldn’t recommend this book to anyone under 12 as they may become slightly scared or disturbed as throughout the book  the little girls believe they are animals and act like tigers ( it is described in quite a lot of detail) so this may become frightening for them. This book also tells you to never give up hope, never stop loving one another and never lose faith . 


Overall I enjoyed this book and believe others will too! 🙂 So go and join two girls, two tigers and go Into That Forest…



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