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Book review: Pyrate’s Boy

Pyrate’s Boy

Author: E. B. Colin

Price: £5.99

Publisher: Kelpies

ISBN: 9781782500131


KRB rating: 7/10

Recommended age: 8-11

Reviewer: Krissie


Silas Orr is a pyrate’s boy. Leaving his Scottish town at a young age to seek his fortune in Jamaica, he is unexpectedly called back, shipwrecked and rescued by a crew of pirates whose skipper, Black Johnnie, offers him a position on his boat. And all goes swimmingly until the day he spots a boy floating in the water, tethered to a chain and an interesting-looking lead box.

Thus begins this swashbuckling adventure, which owes much to Treasure Island and many others, but still offers a story of interesting characters, darkest villains and a rattling good pace that keeps the surprises coming thick and fast. Silas is an endearing young hero, who never forgets the sister he left behind or those that have helped him on his way, while Black Johnnie is as good a role model as a pirate could be.

The story stretches from Scotland, to Jamaica, and back again via the east coast of America and a treacherous journey across the Atlantic – and treachery is the name of the game, keeping the reader constantly guessing whether characters are what they seem. But E. B. Colin’s book follows the classic mould, and everyone gets their just desserts. Pyrate’s Boy may not be breaking any new ground, but its plot, pace and characters make this story live and brings new impetus to an old genre.


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