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he first thing to know is just how much I love books – I will read anything for the blog, as long as it’s fictional! If you have any books you would like me to review, from children’s to YA to adults’ fiction, please contact me at or via twitter @krisreadsbooks.

Similarly, if you would like to join my small team of reviewers, or you are an author who would like to be interviewed for the site or contribute a post of your own, or you are a PR person with some news we might be interested in, please do get in touch.

More about me: I am an MA (Res) graduate in Children’s Literature from Reading University, and am now working on a PhD at Reading’s prestigious Centre for International Research in Childhood: Literature, Culture and Media (CIRCL).

I have 15 years experience as a journalist, and currently work freelance as a reviewer for a number of publications, including the UK Literary Association’s 4-11 magazine and Armadillo magazine. I also write stuff on the financial markets – because they pay me!

About our review policy: we review books both bought by ourselves and sent by publishers, but all reviews are totally independent. Scores are given out of ten, and this is based solely on our opinion. Similarly, the suggested age range given for children’s and YA books is our opinion only. Please feel free to use or ignore it as you see fit; it is a guideline only, as all children (and parents) are different.


Aimee Paige, age 14, secondary school student

Samantha Horsfield, MA (Res) student in Children’s Literature, University of Reading

Becky McCoy, MA (Res) student in Children’s Literature, University of Reading

Ebba Fredriksen, MA (Res) student in Children’s Literature, University of Reading

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2 responses to “About

  1. Lindsey says:

    I’m Roy Gill’s Literary Agent, and I am really delighted at your review of The Daemon Parallel. It’s so tough to get considered reviews of debut novels, and yours has lifted my spirits today. So thank you.

    • Krissie West says:

      Hi Lindsey. You are very welcome, I really loved it. Definitely a touch of Neil Gaiman there! A version of the review will also be going into Armadillo magazine, although that won’t be out for over a month. Keep an eye out anyway!

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